Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Start the Sky First?? No Way! New Oil Paintings by Deborah Flood


Desert Cowgirl 8 x 6 Medium Web view

Desert Cowgirl 8 x 6 Oil on Canvas SOLD, to the UK.

So, I just read on another Social Media, written by a Gallery, “Start the sky first”.

Hmmm….gee…I stopped painting the sky first as of late! I always used to start with the top of the canvas and move down to the horizon. Always the same way, the same results, the same…same….same….

Lately, I’ve made the decision to get back into my oils. Literally, some days (with it all over my hands…hair…face…and probably inside me too!).
I’m creating some little study pieces, 5 x 7 , 8 x 10 and such.

I’ve limited my palette to three colors and a white. It is quite freeing, and not constricting at all. No color choices to make. I mix my own!

What I start with is an under painting, that hopefully will glow through, covering the whole canvas. Then using a wet into wet technique I add my shadows and find my subject matter, and then create shadows upon the land. I find dark shadows, light shadows and work and blend. Then I take that brush with some of those earth colors on it, and I start working the sky. That sky takes on the reflections of the earth, as in real life. The skies aren’t that typical “Blue” we think they are when we look up at the sky. The clouds often reflect lots of color and all that dust that gets kicked up during the day. It’s all up there.

So what does this do for my painting? Well, it creates a uniform painting, like it all flows and belongs in the same image, like it should.

Here are a few more works I’ve been creating with this method. Each sky is a bit different, with a different mood, different glow and different meaning for the story being told.

Enjoy, and if you are interested in making a purchase on the available paintings, give me a holler!

Song of the wind 16 x 20 oil Large Web view

Song of the Wind, 16 x 20 Oil on Linen Panel $375.00USD Shipping extra.


Storms a brewing 10 x 8 oil Medium Web view

Storms a Brewing, 10 x 8, Oil on Panel, SOLD


Two from the string 11 x 14 oil Medium Web view

Two from the String, 11 x 14 Oil on Canvas, $255.00USD Shipping extra.


She Rode a Buckskin Horse 11 x 14 oil Medium Web view

She Rode a Buckskin Horse, 11 x 14 Oil on Canvas, $255.00USD Shipping extra.

Rides Many Moons 7 x 5 oil Medium Web view

Rides Many Moons, 7 x 5 Oil on Panel. SALE PENDING


Rough Trail 8 x 10 oil Medium Web view

Rough Trail, 8 x 10 Oil on Panel , $115.00USD Shipping extra.


Riding through the rain 7 x 5 oil Medium Web view

Riding Through the Rain, 7 x 5 Oil on Panel $70.00USD Shipping extra


Dark Desert Cowgirl 7 x 5 oil  Medium Web view

Dark Desert Cowgirl 7 x 5 Oil on Panel SOLD


Lead a horse to water 16 x 20 oil Large Web view

Lead a Horse to Water, 16 x 20 Oil on Linen Panel $375.00USD Shipping extra.

Thank you for taking a bit of time and looking at my new works.

More can be found at if you are so inclined to take a look.



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